Cleaner 500ml


Instant result on ticks & fleas

Kills Ticks, Fleas & Mosquito instantly in house walls and floor

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The only product in India which can kill Ticks, Fleas & Mosquito instantly in Walls and floor.

Direction of use :
  • Apply Tickzoff Cleaner by spraying it on walls and floors.
  • After 5 minutes, reapply the solution.
  • Then, rinse thoroughly with water after another 10 minutes.

(When treating your house, small gaps and corners can harbor ticks and fleas, concealing them from sight. Upon initial spraying, these hidden pests emerge. Within five minutes of the next application, these exposed ticks perish)

Other products 

  • Can only chase them
  • Should be used in large quantity
  • Can cause skin allergy and eye irritation when using

Tickzoff Cleaner

  • Kills ticks & fleas instantly
  • Eco friendly product
  • Very less requirement needed

Expiry : 24 months

Ingredients : Sucrose Octa acetate, Aqua, Denatonium Benzoate, Perfume.


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